Investing in a New Idea!

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Investing in a New Idea! There are a variety of reasons why most people purchase a franchise as a way to become self-employed, rather than … [Read more...]

Is The Senior Care Space too Crowded?

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At last count there were approximately 30 franchises being offered as a way to get into the in home senior care business. On first look, it may appear … [Read more...]

Service Franchises, Sell or Sink


3000 franchise brands are currently available in the marketplace, and a good percentage - approximately 40% plus - are service and/or non-retail based … [Read more...]

So you don't get social media


Here is a way to look at social media for those that don't "get it.." For an individual, pretend for a minute that you belong to a country club, a … [Read more...]

Social Media, Cutting Through the Crap

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I am not trying to sound simplistic here but at the end of the day it's still all about putting out content and managing relationships. Putting out … [Read more...]