Building a Business is Tough Enough; Financing One Shouldn't Be

Learn from Andrew Carbaugh what are some of the successful ways you can use to finance a business.

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There can be no doubt that creating a new business from the ground up is an incredibly challenging endeavor. Starting from the creation of the business idea to the business plans and eventually selling or marketing your products or services, entrepreneurs work long and hard hours in order to pursue their dreams. Although running a new business may be

tough, financing it may be even more difficult. Thankfully, there are several ways that you can finance a new business. Here are a few of the most popular and successful options for entrepreneurs to consider.

Angel Investors

One very popular way to finance a new business is to have an outside individual who strongly believes in your product or business idea invest a significant amount of money. Angel investors might be wealthy entrepreneurs, or they might be individuals who truly want your business to succeed. Angel investors often contribute the bulk of business expenses, but they may also want to influence your business decisions or practices down the road.

Bank Line of Credit

One of the easiest ways to finance a business is simply to present your business plan to a local bank or credit union. Many banks will be able to finance new business ventures, but they will only do so if they believe that the idea has a realistic chance of success and therefore timely repayment. Most entrepreneurs with no business experience will find it very difficult to borrow significant amounts of money from a bank with a business loan.

Loans from Family

Many new business creators end up accepting loans from friends and family. With a solid business plan, those closest to you can choose to participate in your venture. It is important to treat family just like any other investors by making sure that they receive written contracts with interest or influence over the business in some way. Be prepared to share profits if the business is a success in the future.


Some businesses may be eligible for state or federal grants. Alternative or renewable energy companies, environmentally friendly business plans, and charitable organizations can often receive government grants in order to pursue their businesses.

Future Customers

If your business is going to produce a particular product that may greatly appeal to future customers, there is the option of asking for investment from these potential buyers. Several websites offer entrepreneurs a large platform to advertise their potential businesses and ask for support from those who want to see your dreams and business plans become a reality.

Borrowing Against Personal Assets

Although taking on personal debt is the riskiest way to finance a new business, many entrepreneurs feel that this is the only option available to them. This might include opening up several new credit cards, selling personal possessions, using personal savings, or even mortgaging your home in order to make business purchases.

Starting a new business can be a challenge, but that does not stop millions of individuals from trying. Consider each of these financing options before deciding on how to afford your own new business.

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