Penn State Slammed With $60 Million Fine, Four-Year Bowl Ban, Loss Of Scholarships

Butler Bulldogs v Old Dominion Monarchs

NCAA President Mark Emmert announced this morning that Penn State football will not suffer the death penalty, but the NCAA’s sanctions sure come … [Read more...]

BioMedix® Earns Five 2012 Aster Awards for Excellence in Healthcare Marketing


BioMedix received one Gold and four Silver awards in the 2012 Aster Awards healthcare marketing competition. Award-winning materials included the … [Read more...]

National Building Safety Month: Going Green and Building Strong Provides Dual Benefits for Consumers


Buildings that are both energy efficient and disaster-resistant are a win-win for consumers and communities, the Insurance Institute for Business … [Read more...]

Investing in a New Idea!

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Investing in a New Idea! There are a variety of reasons why most people purchase a franchise as a way to become self-employed, rather than … [Read more...]

Use Resources on-Demand to Expedite Restoration Efforts


Recent storms have caused havoc across the country and a wave of negative publicity for some utilities that were unable to restore power on a timely … [Read more...]

U.S. Rare Earth Minerals, Inc. Becomes Vendor by Formal Invitation


U.S. Rare Earth Minerals, Inc., (OTCQB:USMN) announced today they have received and accepted a formal invitation from to become a vendor. … [Read more...]

Measuring Reload: ACH, Cards, Cash, and Checks

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Cardholders who reload prepaid accounts represent some of the most loyal and cost-effective card customers possible.These individuals have chosen to … [Read more...]

Consumers and ATMs: New Opportunities for the Old Channel

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Boston, MA -- ATMs have been with us over four decades, and while their usage has grown, providing new functionality has proven challenging, Mercator … [Read more...]

Empire Post Media Buy-Back Program Announced; Business Update


Empire Post Media (OTCBB:EMPM), the Los Angeles-based 3D TV entertainment company, has issued the following letter to shareholders from the Chairman … [Read more...]