Enjoy Financial Security with these Simple Steps

Want to be financially secure? Then learn to save more money, as guides Esther Ramsey.

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People are always interested in improving their financial position and building wealth. What most people assume, however, is that they have to start earning more money before they can begin saving and building a portfolio. This actually is not the case. You can build wealth by changing the other side of the balance sheet. Here are some simple steps to help you start moving down the path to financial security.

You Must Spend Less than you Earn

The golden rule of finances, there simply is no getting around this simple financial fact. If you spend more money every month than you bring in, then you will eventually go bankrupt. It doesn’t matter if the spending is for monthly debt payments, meals out or luxury purchases. You will not be able to sustain your lifestyle, and it will leave you in ruins. Look for areas where you can reduce spending. It might mean making a few sacrifices like keeping your existing car a little longer, but it will reward you richly in the end. If you aren’t sure where to start, consider these changes.

  • Track it to Control it – It’s hard to know what you can trim if you don’t know where your money is going. Use financial software or an app to keep track of where your money is going. Once you realize that your morning coffee habit is costing you $50 a month, it will be a lot easier to get in the habit of making coffee at home and taking it with you.
  • Consider Whether you Really Use it – Go through your budget one line at a time to hunt down pork that can be trimmed out and eliminated. The membership to your local video store may be handy, but ask yourself how often you really use it. If you have cable but are never home to watch TV, then you can easily eliminate that expense without a second thought.
  • Ask for Discounts – Call your phone provider, cable company and other service providers to see if there’s any way they can help you save money. You might qualify for discounts you didn’t know about, or there may be new specials you can take advantage of. Even saving $5 a month on a bill can make a different when you combine it with the other changes.
  • Meet with a Professional – You may be struggling to find areas where you’re spending too much, but a savvy financial planner can pinpoint them with ease. Sit down with a planner to see how you can create a budget, save money and start building your personal wealth.

Take Pleasure in Saving

Most people go out to eat because it feels good. They buy new cars and clothes because it makes them happy. What they don’t realize is that saving can also make you feel good. There’s a joyous feeling that comes with logging on to your bank account and seeing money set aside for a rainy day. Make a goal to start setting money into the savings account every month. Start with a goal you can make, and remember that even something as modest as $25 a month is better than saving nothing at all.

You Work Hard, Make Your Money Work Harder

It goes without saying that the sweetest income is residual income that naturally flows to you. This includes interest earnings and investments. Even if you only have a few hundred dollars set aside, a financial planner can help you determine where the best place is for your money. As you increase the savings, the planner can help you find smart investments. There is nothing more exciting than watching your own savings start to produce income, and that is the real key to building wealth.

Our society has a habit of looking at what other people

have and wanting it. This habit it one of the biggest enemies of financial strength and freedom. One of the first steps is reminding

yourself that financial independence matters more than having the latest gadget or a new car. Your journey will start with baby steps, but you will eventually develop enough wealth to start making investments. Once you can put your money to work earning more money, you will start to see just how joyful saving can be.

About the Author

Esther Ramsey writes for McKinley Plowman. Click here to read more about getting your finances in order.