Increasing Productivity, Decreasing Costs, and Succeeding in Business

In business, everyone is looking for three things, increasing productivity, decreasing costs, and success.

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These are all critical for any company big or small. Unfortunately, it takes research, time, and knowledge to accomplish. However, there are simple tools to assist in achieving all three with minimal effort. Technology today is allowing companies to take advantage of business solutions that offer successful integration, easy to learn processes and low cost methods to make their business successful.

Revamping Your Current Business Strategy

Before you can begin integrating new methods of business, you must first look at your current processes and business strategy to determine where the change needs to take place. If you are currently housing all of your employees but are considering building a remote team of field personnel, you will need to revamp your current processes. If you are looking for a new file management system, you will need to revisit your current file management system and see what your options are.

Virtualizing File Management

Many companies are taking advantage of cloud services that span across multiple platforms and are virtualizing their file management. In the past file rooms full of cabinets housed information needed by various departments. This was a time consuming method as employees needed to physically go through the files to find what they needed.

Even storing files on internal servers proved to be a time consuming method of accessing files and limited employees to connecting to the servers either through glitch-ridden VPNs or by returning to the office. With cloud storage the need to be there was eliminated and access to the files that only pertained to their portion of the project can be given.

Organization of virtual files is simple, changes are automatically updated in the cloud storage service and employees could work from anywhere. This has increased productivity, decreased travel time, and lowered the cost of adding additional servers when additional space is needed.

Cross Platform Accessibility and Workflow

Each year a new device, a new operating system and a new method of connecting businesses seems to appear. From the introduction of the iPhone and iPad, to the use of Android tablets and laptops, many businesses choose the device that works for them. When your business depends on employees, clients or other businesses sharing information, you want to assure access to the files is possible.

With cloud computing taking over the virtualization of files, there is no need to be restricted to one platform. Access can be given to any employee or user regardless of the device they choose. If your team uses tablets and

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smartphones, they can access the files needed 24/7 and continue the workflow. This is especially useful for those who travel a majority of the time.

As well, the cloud handles most of the processing needed for the hosted files. This allows companies to spend less on devices with minimal resources and still be able to complete tasks. Devices only need enough resources to process information and cloud-based apps handle a majority of the workload.

Succeeding in business requires the knowledge to recognize change. In every strategy there is room for optimization and change to keep up with technology. As the internet, cloud services, and infrastructures evolve, businesses

must also evolve to increase employee output, decrease cost, and assure success.

About the Author

Roger Marion is a business blogger and consultant that suggests companies; click here to learn about how the cloud can help your businesses succeed.