LumiViz Offers 10% Savings on GIS Services

Here’s something regarding Geographic Information Systems [GIS] sure to grab someone’s attention.

LumiViz is holding a Month of 10% Savings of GIS Services special offer. LumiViz is a small computer-based geoscientific mapping, modeling, and visualization services outfit with an extremely impressive array of technical experience and applied skills.

LumiViz is high-energy, and they promise to have more of these special offers for different software environment service areas as time goes on. Listed below are the guidelines and rules for the GIS Services 10% Savings Month offer below.


    • All transactions, correspondence, calculations, communications, and output are to be completed in English and US Dollars;
    • Work tasks associated with this limited time special offer will be completed inside the ESRI ArcGIS 10.0 environment;
    • Out of scope services will be categorized as a different Purchase Order under the full, standard rate for LumiViz GIS Services;
    • Offer only valid for Purchase Orders executed and signed between May 9, 2012 at 12:00:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time until June 9, 2012 at 11:59:59 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time;
    • A fixed point of completion will be identified and codified in the Scope of Services (Scope of Work) and Purchase Order such that there is a definitive end-point in work completed as part of the 10% Savings offer;
    • LumiViz Certificates of Insurance will be provided during preview of the Scope of Services; and
    • Scheduling for multiple potential clients’ projects will proceed on a “fir

      st come – first serve” basis with minor adjustments based upon individual client schedules.


In a direct agreement between LumiViz and a client business, a draft Purchase Order will be generated. Once agreement to the terms above has been reached, LumiViz will adjust its rates to match a 10% discount on the total cost to the client, and a Final Purchase Order will be signed.

Third Party Broker:

An opportunity exists for an individual to act as a third party broker between LumiViz and a potential client for the term of the offer. The third party broker must first contact LumiViz to state their intention. This is best done via e-mail to adequately establish a time stamp (for scheduling purposes). Next, the third party broker should introduce the potential client to LumiViz. Once complete, the potential client and LumiViz will proceed with a Scope of Services (Scope of Work) and Purchase Order at the full, standard rate for LumiViz GIS Services. If the Purchase Order is accepted, the third party broker will be awarded 10% of the total Purchase Order.

To clarify, the potential client in a third party brokerage will NOT receive the discount; however, the broker WILL receive 10% of the cost of the Purchase Order. Third party brokers have every liberty to split their 10% however they wish for incentive purposes (5% to the broker and 5% savings to the client). Payment of the 10% to the third party broker will commence as soon as the invoice cycle terms of payment become effective and realized by LumiViz (this can range anywhere between 30-90 days, sometimes shorter or longer). LumiViz will NOT be held responsible in any way for conflicts of interest based upon the third party broker’s current employer or other financial limitations.

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