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The much in news Sony Xperia S has been creating waves ever since it was announced. You can now place your orders at and be a proud owner of the Xperia. Other leading online sites are offering the  in the pre-order section while the Xperia is in the order-now status at

The advantages of taking home the Xperia S are many. It comes with a host of easy to use features. The 4.3 inch wide scratch resistant TFT touchscreen display is apt to avail its many features. The handset is endowed with Google Android 2.3 Gingerbread allowing the user to easily access Google Voice over Wi-Fi, improved gaming functionality and the innovative Google Apps.

The communications technology offered in the Sony Xperia S is also one of a kind. Its exclusivity is exemplified by the video chat facility in HD. The powerful battery ensures that you avail commendable talk time. In addition to enjoying full HD Video and viewing it on an astounding 4.3 reality display, you may also plug the Xperia S into your TV`s HDMI port and enjoy HD content to the fullest.

The Sony Xperia S and its innovation does not stop at that. Are you game for PlayStation fun? You may now enjoy games on the HD display and also enjoy HD content on a bigger screen. All this and more with just a common sign-on ID and the digital wallet through your smartphone. So what are you waiting for? Order the Sony Xperia S and get nothing but the very the best.

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