Small Businesses Create 15 Jobs in April to Every One Created by Big Business


ADP released data Wednesday revealing our nation’s smallest businesses—those with 1-49 employees—continue to outperform large businesses in the job … [Read more...]

Generation Opportunity’s Grassroots Team Conducts 4th Tour Across Virginia to Listen to and Organize Millennials


Virginia's Young Voters: Gas Prices, Economy, and Jobs are Top Concerns The grassroots team from Generation Opportunity concluded its fourth major … [Read more...]

Proposed Payroll Tax Cuts Would Boost Small Businesses and the Economy

Small Businesses

Member of White House National Economic Council joins Small Business Majority and entrepreneurs on press call to discuss the payroll tax cuts proposed … [Read more...]

We Can’t Wait: Obama Administration Proposes Historic Fuel Economy Standards to Reduce Dependence on Oil, Save Consumers Money at the Pump

greenhouse gas emissions

Next phase in national program for light-duty vehicles will save consumers thousands of dollars at the pump while saving billions of barrels of oil, … [Read more...]